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Theta Healing

What Is Theta Healing & How Does it Work?

Theta Healing is a prominent healing method which was created in 1995 by Vianna Stibal , this method is a technique of meditation and a spiritual philosophy that is not specific to one religion, but recognizes all of them with the aim to become closer with the Creator.

How Does Theta Healing Work?

According to Stibal, the purpose of this teaching is to bring your brain in a deep state known as theta and through it, to renew the link with the Creator, which will further allow you to learn how to ease mental, physical, and emotional shifts. What’s more, she shows you how to build your own reality and how everything that happens in your life is with a purpose. According to Theta Alchemy, our brains have 5 basic frequencies, that is, Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta and we usually use them one at a time; however, one frequency tends to be dominant, depending on the situation. In the phase of deep meditation, sleep, or hypnosis, the dominant wave is the Theta one and scientists have concluded that this frequency has the ability to lower stress and anxiety, lead to deep relaxation, enhance the mental clarity and creativity, minimize ache, and increase euphoria. During Theta Healing, the brain enters this wave within minutes and the individual works with the Creator, God, or the Universe (depending on one’s beliefs).

Is Theta Healing the Right Choice for You?

According to Theta Alchemy, by learning more about the advantages this technique offers, you can easily determine if this is the right option for you or not. Let us take a look:

  1. Reveals your creative potential
  2. Puts an end to fears and phobias
  3.  Frees you from addictions and habits
  4. Makes your spiritual connection deeper
  5. Aids you in attaining personal freedom Helps you to be healthier and feel well
  6. Heals physical illnesses
  7. Treats emotional problems and trauma
  8. Assists in becoming more confident
  9. Manifeast your dreams and goals
  10. Teaches you how to grow harmonious relationships
  11. Shows you how to find your soul mate
  12. Unlocks your Genius Potential
  13. Reveals your perfect career Creates abundance and wealth
  14. Without doubt, if you need or want to introduce changes in your life, Theta Healing may be advantageous for you; you may also get help in ways you never thought of.

What is great about this technique is that it gives you the power to make your life the way you want it to be.

What Happens during a Theta Healing Session?

Usually, a session lasts between half an hour and an hour and a half, and how many sessions you need is conditioned by the problem you want to address.

As explained on Theta Alchemy, the practitioner is concentrated on defining the crucial beliefs that are encouraging your emotional or physical issue with the help of a tool known as digging. It gives the practitioner the ability to unravel the numerous layers of belief and reach the bottom one. Hence, it is believed that when this bottom belief is shifted, the remaining beliefs which come after it will consequently change and the individual will be free of limits and will not have to pass through early traumas.

Another important aspect of a Theta Healing session is when the practitioner checks out to discover if you hold specific beliefs through muscle testing; remember that everything which is being done during a session requires your consent, i.e. a simple yes signalizes that you are ready for the new reality.

The sessions are done in a safe and supportive area where the practitioner and the individuals involved can freely explore all aspects of their life that they would like to change or improve.

Final Thoughts on Theta Healing

Without doubt, this technique is considered to help people resolve their emotional and physical struggles and it teaches one to connect the conscious and unconscious self with the purpose to acquire a better quality of life by aligning their thoughts and desires with their life experience.

These sessions are becoming more and more popular due to the ongoing positive testimonials and the capacity to bring your body, mind, and spirit to the next level. What’s more, by assisting you in getting rid of thinking patterns which make you ill or form barriers with friends and family, this method purifies the mind, elevates your power and freedom, and harmonizes your life

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