Vasudhaa Vision

Toilet 🚻 According to Vastu Shastra.

Location of a toilet and WC at a wrong place as per Vastu rules can cause problems related to health, peace of mind and finance as per zone qualities. Best placement is nearest to 205 Degree.

The following points need to be taken care of:
(1) A toilet as well as western commode should preferably be in the South of south west zone.
(2) Keep a toilet away from the Kitchen and Dining room or exactly facing it or above it.
(3) Toilet cannot be made especially in  Southeast but never in Northeast and East. 
(4) Keep the bigger window for ventilation to outer wall.

(5) Do not keep western commode in front of the main door.

(6) Keep the door of the toilet always closed and lid of commode always shut down.

(7) Keep slope of the floor towards north or east in such a way that water drains out towards Northeast.

All water contamination in form of drainage pits and chambers to be treated as an opening to negative energies even in the kitchen sink you need to place proper remedies.

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